Cleaning Warehouse Floors

Get your warehouse floors really clean with the Big Mike Warehouseman Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

Sweeping warehouse floors with a broom takes forever and just stirs the dust up into the air. Even when you've finished, you've still got that horrible gritty feeling underfoot.

The Big Mike Warehouseman Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with its front-mounted Warehouseman Brush cleans up that superfine dust that your forklifts have been grinding up, without stirring it up into the air.

Fast, Continuous Cleaning

Simply lower the Big Mike Warehouseman Brush onto the floor and push it along at walking pace - it's easy to steer on its four-wheeled trolley and is comfortable to push.

Its wide front-mounted floor brush cleans a swathe through dust and debris.

Built to take serious knocks

The Big Mike Warehouseman Floor Brush is of all-metal, rugged construction meaning it can take a right bashing round your floors, giving you years of reliable cleaning.

Forget using plastic and thin pressed-metal floor brushes with puny support arms - they simply won't put up with the knocks they'll get on a daily basis in the industrial environment..

Wet & Dry Cleaning

For cleaning up water and other spills from your warehouse floors, the Big Mike Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners can be supplied with an option front-mounted floor squeegee.

Push your Big Mike Wet & Dry along at walking speed and the floor squeegee sucks up water and spills leaving your floors almost dry behind you.

Big Mike Warehouseman Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Big Mike Warehouseman

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Stop sweeping floors with a broom! Improve your warehouse cleanliness and air quality with a Big Mike Warehouseman.

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Big Mike Warehouseman

1. Big Mike Warehouseman

Clean large floor areas quickly and without stirring up dust with the Big Mike Warehouseman Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

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