Big Mikes for Dry Waste

If you need to clean up dry waste, such as dust, granules or big, solid lumps, the Big Mike Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner models are ideal.

They all have the famous Big Mike powerful suction and big, long, wide hoses that let you reach everywhere without losing suction.

All the Big Mikes have many emptying methods which make them safe and easy to empty - no mess and no putting your staff at risk of handling heavy materials.

The Big Mikes are designed and built in England and are trusted by thousands of businesses around the world to clean up quickly, easily and safely.

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Big Mike Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Big Mike Popular

From $3659.00

The Big Mike Popular will cope with life in industries and farms.

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Big Mike Warehouseman Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Big Mike Warehouseman

From $4336.00

Stop sweeping floors with a broom! Improve your warehouse cleanliness and air quality with a Big Mike Warehouseman.

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Big Mike HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Big Mike HEPA

From $6123.00

The Big Mike HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaner gives the ultimate in filtration for when you're cleaning up the really nasty stuff.

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